Shocking : I Am Making Love To My 16-Year-Old Son, And He Is Already Obsessed With Me. What Should I Do?

My name is Ruth. I am 40 years old. I am a single mother of one. It all started when my little boy was 10 years old. I am the one that usually takes his bath everyday even till now. I was sexually attracted to my son then which prompted me to ask him to follow my directive by asking him to make love to me. And we did this virtually everyday till now.

Recently, i want to stop this ugly act because i finally found the man who want to marry me in two months time. He has come to see my parents already. I noticed that if my husband-to-be and I are together having a nice time, my 16-year-old boy will always find a way to let him go at all cost. He is acting too possessive these days and always wants to make love to me at every slightest opportunity.

I have talked to my son that we should stop this act but he threatened me that he will expose our secret if i try not to do his request anytime he wants. My fiancĂ© has started noticing some strange moves between my son and i. I don’t want to lose this God sent man to me. What should i do?

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John Woods
John Woods

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