She wants to break up with her rich husband because of me-Should I tell her

She wants to break up with her rich husband because of me-Should I tell her

Reality in life should be a self daily appraisal, most times we lose what we have looking for what we can’t ever have,

Jude is friendly with a rich man’s wife who has been abandoned for over a year.

See his message as shared by relationship expert Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah.

Osigwe please I need an urgent response from your fans. My problem presently is a friend of mine who we are very friendly together but she is married and living in her matrimonial home.

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Tola is nice and caring but she is married to a man who does not even have her time. They have been married for six years but they have never spent a night under the same roof together. For a year now Tola has not even seen the husband. But he keeps sending her huge money for her upkeep.

She is yet to have a child for him. When I met Tola she had the impression that I was very rich as I lied to her that the cars I flash belong to me. Even my apartment, Tola feels I own the house.

Now Tola has made up her mind to leave the union and marry me.

I never told her my real state of things, if I was rich I would have jumped at the offer as Tola is a very nice and wonderful lady.

Please what should I do?

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John Woods

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