Newly married man set to dump wife because she eats too much in public


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I know you might have never heard of such a complaint before.

Of all my years of sorting out relationship issues, this one is simply way off.

Please hear Nnamdi out and let’s suggest ways we can help him out, he shared his troubles with Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah anchor of iRelationship make or mar.

Osi, see I am tired of my new wife always embarrassing me in public with eating too much.

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At first, when I started noticing this embarrassment I spoke to her about it. But she flared up telling me it’s not my shame.

Now anywhere she goes they have known her for such an embarrassing moment. They would just rush her with food as if her life depends on it.

I have spoken to her father and brother about this and they told me my wife is a glutton and a very bad one at that.

Is there a medical condition for this? Because I am considering divorce if she does not make amends to stop this.


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John Woods
John Woods

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