My brother-in-law is always telling me to send my daughter over-Worried mum



When women express their fears over their kids then know for sure their instinct might just be right.

Mama Gold claims the late husband’s brother who is their benefactor is always requesting she sends her daughter over before he can assist them.

She might be wrong but your opinions might guide her.

See her message as shared by relationship expert Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah anchor of iRelationship.

Osigwe I want to really know what is going on. My late husband’s brother has been so nice to us in almost everything, but all of a sudden if he wants to assist us he must insist I send my daughter Gold,

Gold has other siblings he never requests for the others especially the boys.

And if they answer him he won’t give them what he promised. But he gives it only to Gold.

I have confronted Gold and she says all is well that nothing personal between them.

Please can your platform guide me on what I need to know?

Cheers, Mama Gold.

Let’s hear your views on the plight of Mama Gold.

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