I have been paying rent to my daughter and wife for the past four years-Angry dad screams

I have been paying rent to my daughter and wife for the past four years

Family is key ,at least that was the orientation my father passed on to me.

He always made me understand that no matter what we do we should always know that family comes first.

Put yourself in Uncle Sam’s shoes and tell us how you would feel.

See message as shared by relationship expert Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah.

Hello sir, how are you? please I have followed you up for a long time and appreciate how you handle peoples issues.

I am actually very angry as I write this letter. My 25-year-old daughter in Europe owns the house I have been paying rent for in the past four years.

The funny aspect is I sold my house to send my daughter to Europe to school.

When she arrived in Europe she dropped out of school and refused to come home.

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I felt at first she was ashamed of coming back to Nigeria a failure. Not knowing that my daughter is rich and even the owner of the house I stay in.

When I sold my house five years ago I gave the proceed to my daughter for her education. She claimed she was duped.

Now about four years ago I needed to pack out of the house I rented when I sold my house.

My wife said she knew of a new house close by and it was relatively fair in price.

That was how my wife who supervised the building of my daughter’s house in the first instance without my knowledge took me to the house.

She fronted a landlord for me and I paid the rent for the first year, ever since my yearly renewal my wife will collect the money and say she was going to give the landlord.

When I grew suspicious I decided to hire a private investigator to unveil who owns my house.

That was how the investigations carried out showed it was my daughter and the house was built by wife, I the course of the investigations I found out my wife owns another house to herself which I am unaware of, and she had this same house during the time I sold mine.

Anyway, I have confiscated the house but my wife says I can’t. I have told my daughter to replace my house or I take over this.

Please am I right on this one?

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John Woods
John Woods

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