I bought my landlord’s house and after 9 months he wants to work as my gate man-What should I do  


Kola is really in a hot seat right now over the request of his former landlord. He claims the landlord sold his house for him for 15 million naira and after nine months the Landlord is back with a request to work as his gate man.

See his story as shared by Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah anchor of iRelationship make or mar.

Hello, Osi please I am currently at a loss on what decision to make here.

Nine months ago I bought my house from my Landlord, before then I had stayed in this house for ten years. During this period my Landlord treated me badly anytime I fell short of my rent. He would even go as far as throwing out my things a couple of times.

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He always chased my visitors anytime I cant meet up with my rent on time.

Now my story changed when I got a job a year ago in an oil servicing company and was made a head branch manager.

It came along with nice packages. While I was contemplating moving out to another apartment my Landlord approached me and said he wanted to sell his house,

That was how I purchased the house immediately from him.

Now nine months later he is back and says he wants to work for me.

I told him to bring his certificate so I could help him for a job placement only for him to inform me that he never went to school.

It was then he told me his history of how he stumbled upon the house. He said it was a parting gift by his white master who he served for over 15 years as a gateman in this same house.

He said when the man was going back to his country he could not find a suitable buyer for the house so that was how he was compensated with the house.

Apparently, he has spent all the money I used in purchasing the house from him.

He claims he has nowhere to go that he has spent all his life in this house.

He pleaded i give him the security post as a house and he would serve as the gateman.

Now my dilemma is should i employ him?

Please, I need suggestions on how to go about this.

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John Woods
John Woods

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