He bought houses for my dad and siblings but I can’t marry a dwarf- Lady cries out


Must we always live our lives in deceit? our friend has a delicate issue on her hands. According to her, the dad has been collecting money from her suitor all these while.

She claims that the father built at least three houses from the suitor but unfortunately he was a dwarf so she can’t see herself getting married to him.

From her claims, it is obvious that this suitor was responsible for her schooling in Ghana.

The issues arising here are profound because she accepted at a time been a beneficiary of his generosity.

See her story as shared by relationship expert Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah anchor of iRelationship make or mar.

Hello, Osigwe thanks for all your efforts in bringing smiles to people’s faces may God bless you richly.

My father on my behalf has been collecting money from this man who happens to be a dwarf in exchange for my hands in marriage.

Six years ago when I lost my mum, life practically changed for us as my dad lost his job and I was unable to resume university which I was just admitted into.

That was how my dad contacted Alhaji who is a dwarf and married to many women. Alhaji offered to help my dad only if I get married to him. My dad disagreed with Alhaji on insisting marrying me before my education saying that was the reason for his coming for help so I could focus on my schooling.

Alhaji agreed only on the terms my dad brings me over to give my consent.

Alhaji also promised not to touch me till that time.

When my dad informed me I was really mad at him but had little I could do I just got admitted and felt it was a blessing brought by God.

After much persuasion, I agreed to his wish.

That was how we entered into a verbal agreement with Alhaji and immediately he started rolling out money for our general welfare. He did not stop with just me but all my siblings.

Now, this is why I am taking the pain to explain all these, after a year of his generosity I and my siblings decided to tell my father to stop accepting Alhaji’s gift as there was no way I would get married to him on upon my graduation.

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We explained the reasons why I won’t be able to marry him by the time I graduate, how I must have outgrown his help and all his money.

My father still refused to take to my advice. Two years later I decided to transfer my schooling to Ghana to be far away from Alhaji feeling this would make him stop his aide.

I never heard from Alhaji or my dad again for a year till I ran into a problem with my schooling and upkeep in Ghana. I decided to call my dad if he could help as I gathered he was using the money Alhaji gave him to invest.

That was how my father sent me a huge sum of money to settle my bills and even my day to day upkeep.

I called all my siblings to inquire about my dad’s sudden kindness and much wealth, that was how they told me he invested Alhaji’s money very well and it is paying well.

Now I just graduated and came back home. I have a good job now but the problem is my dad and siblings insist on my marrying Alhaji.

Someone I made it clear that I could not marry as far back as 5 years ago.

I reminded my dad why I left all the way to Ghana to avoid Alhaji and his gifts.

My dad said all this while he was buying properties it was Alhaji’s money and even when he complained to Alhaji about my difficulties in Ghana Alhaji gave him huge sums to give me. Apparently, my dad never told Alhaji my decision all this while and till tomorrow he still collects money from Alhaji,

My siblings are even worse now as Alhaji has bought all of them cars.

Any idea how I can avoid this marriage?

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