You B Mumu : Rivers Lady who used her savings to buy her boyfriend a car gets slammed by internet users

The Internet is currently agog with a certain slay queen from Portharcourt who saved her money after working hard and used the proceed to buy her boyfriend a new Camry even when she does not have her own car.

This kind act from the lady has been met with mixed feelings.

While the majority of the ladies condemn her action saying she was wrong to use her savings from her sweat to buy an ordinary boyfriend a car. Many even say they won’t do it for their husband are much more their boyfriend.

Well, I do sympathize with those set of ladies because it is obvious that since they are not productive then they would naturally criticize her.

The criticism is purely out of envy to me and has no merit in it.

Then the majority of the men are in support of the lady. While I agree with them I still do understand that some are lazy men who still yet would want to live off women.

Anyway, there is no need for anyone to get mad over the issue. I see it as an appreciation from the girlfriend to her boyfriend, only she knows how the man must have helped shaped her life.

Only a responsible lady can be such grateful.

According to the words of Ifaluyi-Isibor,

“Get used to it in 2020 please, our women are stepping up and will do big things for the men in their lives and this is so because the men in their lives are doing big things for them too.

Don’t remain small in 2020 and be buying singlet and boxers, let God open your eyes to see other nice things. My brother if she guys you boxers, buy her handkerchief.

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I celebrate women who reciprocate profound gestures from their men for theirs is the kingdom of heaven and their names will be written in the book of life.

She didn’t need to have a car first before buying her boyfriend a car. She simply expressed her love in giving even what she didn’t have’

I can’t have described it any better as the gentleman did.

So guys let’s stop beefing and pray God gives us good companionship that can look at for themselves respective of their gender.

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