See Gist : Ike Dumps Mercy After Finding Out She Allegedly Slept With Cubana Chief Priest

We are still marvelled at the shocking development about Ike Onyeoma and Mercy Eke’s relationship after the couple unfollowed each other on Instagram this week. Ike and Mercy did not only unfollow each other on Instagram but they also deleted each other’s photos from their social media pages. The move by them came as a shock to everyone, especially regarding that they reportedly got married in a secret ceremony in Mercy’s hometown few weeks ago.

Shortly after the lovers parted ways, Ike went ahead to hangout with Mercy’s rival, Tacha, on Christmas day although he was forced to delete the story as mercenaries stormed his page unapologetically.

While we are yet to uncover the mystery behind the disunion of Ike and Mercy, a fan has alleged that Ike found out that Mercy slept with Cubana Chief Priest, hence the reason for their split.

We cannot ascertain how true this allegation is, but we know Mercy and Cubana Chief Priest conformed their reconciliation after Ike and Mercy unfollowed each other.

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John Woods

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