Right or wrong? Family of Lady who committed suicide because of her boyfriend sets ablaze the boys house


We have seen cases of jungle justice on criminals who steal in public.

But a case of taking laws in your hands over the break up of a relationship is unacceptable.

People make up and break up, the fact that a man breaks up with his lover should not be taken as a reason to vilify the man.

Days ago a young girl committed suicide over her break up with her boyfriend.

The young girl drank sniper and thereafter died.

Now family members of the girl have mobilised and attacked the boy and destroy his house.

You can see the high level of destruction melted on the property of the innocent young man.

They accused him of wrecking their daughter’s life and after then he decided to dump her.

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Which led to her untimely death.

This kind of actions is it right or wrong?

let us hear your views and also any advice you have to offer for someone that has just gone through a heartbreak.

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