My brother in-law sends me 1 million monthly but does not want me to inform anyone-Worried house wife


A worried house wife has written to relationship expert Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah, anchor of iRelationship make or mar over the gestures of her brother-in-law.

She claims he sends her a million naira monthly to assist in the welfare of the family.

Her fear now arises from the motive behind the gift.

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According to her, the husband is currently facing hard times and she is lost on how to help him without letting the secret out on the source of her funds.

Hello, Osigwe I hope this message is successfully published. I am really at a loss on what to do currently as regards helping my husband.

My husband is a dismissed civil servant who was forced into retirement by the government.

Since his forceful retirement things have not been the same with us anymore.

Meanwhile, my husband’s younger brother for the past two months has been crediting my account with 1 million nairas monthly. According to him he understands our present predicament and wants to help. But the only condition he is giving me is I should not inform anyone, note even my husband.

Yes, I do appreciate the gift but emphasis should be laid that my husband’s younger brother was my University school date. We lost touch after our school days and when I had a re-connection with him was on the day of my traditional engagement. Then it was too late to alter any equation with my husband, his brother.

My husband needs money to start up a business now and am at a loss on how to help him with the money the brother gives me. How would I help without letting my husband know the source of the funds?

These dilemma has led to a series of concerns as regards why my brother-in-law does not wish to give his brother money directly and giving me and yet saying I should not talk.

Bearing in mind our childhood days I feel uncomfortable accepting his gifts without telling anyone. But I am constrained because we need the money at the same time.

Does he have a sinister motive? if he does how do I play safe?

You have heard her let us suggest ways she can be able to solve her crisis.

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