10 Dead In Another Yellow Fever Outbreak In Bauchi

No fewer than 10 persons have been confirmed dead as a result of yellow fever outbreak on Ningi Local Government Area of Bauchi State.

It was learnt that the affected communities in the local government as identified include Tipchi, Deru, Sabon Gari, Tudun Wada and Barawo and two health workers have reportedly contacted the disease.

According to Daily Trust reports, one of the affected workers at Tipchi Primary Health Care told reporters that  “As I am talking to you I am also affected by the disease. I am currently at home with high fever, I cannot go to work. My female colleague is also down with high fever.

“We reported the outbreak to the immediate past director of primary health care in the local government. Maybe the recent suspension of directors of primary healthcare in the state delayed government intervention.

“We have received more than 20 persons with suspected cases of Yellow fever recently and majority of them come with the same symptoms; high fever, yellowish eyes and severe abdominal pains.

“Because of their condition and the number of cases recorded, we immediately referred them to the General Hospital and after one or two days you hear that the patient is dead.”

Ilya Muhammed who is a community leader in Tipchi village confirmed the outbreak which started off almost 4 weeks and further added that they’ve already lost 10 persons in Tipchi and the neighbouring village.

“We suspect that the disease killing our people is Yellow fever because most of the victims have similar symptoms; including high fever, severe abdominal pain, dizziness, yellowish eyes and persistent vomiting usually with blood.”

He also appealed to the State Government and other relevant agencies for a prompt intervention.

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