Popular social commentator, @MrStanleyNwabia dies at 43 after a brief illness (See his last Tweets)

Stanley Nwabia, a popular social commentator on Twitter, has died at the age of 43.


Family sources confirmed that Nwabia died in the early hours of Sunday following an unsuccessful blood transfusion procedure in Lagos.  According to a twitter user, Ojugo Onyeluka (@GentleOjay), he spoke with Mr Nwabia’s wife and she confirmed the passing of her husband.


“His wife was sobbing uncontrollably. I was also too emotionally broken to ask him why the transfusion had to be done so urgently” Onyeluka said.


His last Tweet was on September 25th and it reads, ‘Oh well, let bygones be bygones’.

Prof Stanley Nwabia@MrStanleyNwabia

Oh well, let bygones be bygones.

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Prof Stanley Nwabia@MrStanleyNwabia

“Stanley Nwabia, what is the pathway to securing a resilient future for your family?”

Me: That time when rain was falling, I take umbrella outside. I come and see plenty people inside rain. But plenty breeze started blowing, it come and spoil my umbrella. So I come and go inside

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Some of his associates have also tweeted confirmation of his passing and hailed him as a courageous political commentator and patriot. Nwabia is popular amongst supporters of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, which he used his Twitter handle (@MrStanleyNwabia) to champion online.


A native of Abia State, Nwabia was born in Lagos and lived there throughout his life. He was survived by his wife and four children.

Kelvin Odanz@MrOdanz

Stanley Nwabia’s death is so devastating for me. We have worked extensively over multiple projects, we keep in touch constantly. Upright, brilliant, hardworking, honest guy. Spoke to him last week. This one hits home. I am broken. Rest in peace @MrStanleyNwabia 💔

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B h a d o o s k y@BhadmusAkeem

Stanley Nwabia’s death at age 43 saddens my heart to the bone. Our journey through life is short, but 43 is way too short. May God grant his family and friends the fortitude to bear this great loss. Rest In Peace Comrade

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