Awesome:Started as father and daughter, Ended as husband and wife!

A black American woman called Jimi Meaux shared pictures on social media, of she and her husband, and then a throwback picture of her as a little girl with her husband as her father. Yeah, you read that right. She married her father.!My first thought was, there is no way this could have happened had they been Nigerians. That thought was maybe wrong.

While there are thousands of cases of Nigerian fathers raping (because that’s what it is) their underaged daughters, there is no public news of an adult Nigerian female falling in love with her father and marrying him. Perhaps, because it is illegal in Nigeria or because it is socially unacceptable. We often say, such madness is reserved for Americans and Europeans, as per white people issues, comfortably forgetting the peculiar madness we display here daily.

The said lady was reported to have posted that ‘sometimes your soul mate is your parent’. While I find her statement ridiculous, I must admit that I only have a problem with her actions only because they go against accepted norms. In defense of this weird couple, how does their love and marriage affect anyone? How are they hurting other people? They are just two people who have found love in the strangest of places.

Perhaps one of the surest ways of knowing if an action is evil or good, is by considering how it affects others. Does it infringe on their fundamental human rights? Saying an action is not normal or unnatural, doesn’t mean it is evil or should be termed wrong. This is the same argument for homosexual love, bestiality, and a wide range of relationships still unacceptable in today’s Nigeria. The arguments against these unusual love, is mostly emotional and religious and not necessarily logical.

There is a fair possibility that this is a peculiar case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Stockholm syndrome is a condition which causes hostages to grow positive feelings for their captors during captivity. In 1973, four employees of a bank were held hostage in the bank’s vault for days. During this time, a strange bond developed between captive and captor. Similar syndromes include London and Helsinki syndromes. Now, this is not a white-people condition because we see it everyday in our black streets; Young ladies suffering physical abuse from supposed lovers but keep returning, young boys falling in love with maids who sexually molested them for years etc. We don’t have more information on the relationship between Jimi Meaux and her father, but it wouldn’t be entirely surprising to find that it started earlier on as sexual abuse and then developed in some warped sense of love on the altar of Stockholm Syndrome.

Whether or not we agree with the morality of this couple, I’m certain most of us find this strange. What would you do if they were your family? Say, the girl is your sister and her husband, your father, which literally makes her both your sister and step-mother! Would you go out of your way to end their relationship, or would you accept that love is love and let them be?

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John Woods
John Woods

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