Who is the father of my two Kids – Confused married man who is infertile cries out



Actually my wife has been cheating on me all this while and I do know but am very confused on what to do.


My case started some years before I met my wife when I was diagnosed with idiopathic infertility my case was pathetic and inredemmable.


But because of my faith and believe as a born again Christian I decided it was an illment that with focused mindset I could over come it.


Not too long after I met my wife, Chi Chi who happens to be the head of the choir in my local church. It was a case of love at first sight.


Chichi was a perfect wife any man could aspire for , dedicated , hardworking , respectful and one who believes in my dreams.


Finding a woman that believes in your dreams is a sure way to success.


We started our relationship and one thing led to another and we got wedded the following year.


Chichi was a very prayerful lady and i believed her faith bonded with mine would bring an end to my infertility.


Four years ongoing in our marriage the children were not forth coming ,already my wife Chichi started agitating.


She started visiting spiritual homes behind my back as i discouraged her from seeking medical solutions saying Gods time is the best.


I always joined her in fasting and prayers but refused seeking medical solutions alongside my wife.


She became so agitated that i got scared my secret would be let out.


Suddenly about Nine years ago my wife became calm and stopped the agitation of having kids in desperation.


It was then i could have suspected my wife was up to a game but instead i felt God was answering my prayers.


About five months later my wife became pregnant and the whole family was .stimulated

My dad sent her immediately to the US to give birth. Parties upon parties to celebrate the news.


Now in summary we have two kids and i just confirmed with DNA that none of them is mine.


I now have a terminal disease that the doctor says i would die in about a year. I have not told my wife who goes about everywhere preaching about fidelity and confidentiality to one man one wife mantra. Not knowing She has been screwing all this while.


What do u do?i have not informed my wife of my terminal disease and also she is not aware I know the kids are not mine.


My previous will i made these two boys the next of kin.

But getting to know they are not my kids makes me feel mad to will my estate valued at billions to them.


Please what should i do? should i just give everything to charity at least my wife can keep the house and vehicles.


Advice needed only no insults please ,what do i do?






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John Woods
John Woods

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