Oshiomhole seat non-negotiable as south-south leaders pass vote of confidence on APC national chairman

*Oshiomhole’s seat non-negotiable-South South APC leaders*

As Leaders pass vote of Confidence on Oshiomhole, anoint Omo Agege as SS APC leader

Why we are behind Oshiomhole-Omo-Agege, Ettiebet

ABUJA-LEADERS of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the South South Thursday have reasons why they are solidly behind the national chairman of the party, and their son, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, warning that the South South would resist any attempt to force the national chairman out of office.
They passed a vote of confidence on the Oshiomhole led National Working Committee (NWC) just as they anointed the Deputy Senate President, Senator Omo-Agege as the new political leader of the zone. The meeting presided over by the Vice Chairman South South of the APC, Hillard Eta, resolved to set up committees in Edo, Rivers and Cross Rivers State with a view to finding lasting solution to the political crisis in those states.
Some of the leaders at the well-attended the Zonal Caucus of the South South APC meeting includes the National Chairman of the APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, former Minister of Petroleum, Chief Don Etiebet, Senator Ndoma Egba, Senator Ita Enang, Chief Umanah Umanah, Great Ogboru, Chairman Designate in the NDDC Board, Dr Pius Odubu, Senator Francis Alimekhena and other National Assembly members from the zone.
Minister of State Petroleum, Timipreye Sylva, Governor Elect Bayelsa State, David Lyon, Director General of Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA, Dakuku Peterside, Senator Magnus Abbe, sent their apologies.
Speaking at the meeting, Chief Etiebet who vowed that the people of the zone would not tolerate attempt to remove the National Chairman, queried that “what has he done if not for the fact that he is bringing discipline into the party. Oshiomhole has brought stability, success so far in the APC and why will anyone want him out if not for their personal gains or looking for a stooge they can control. I want to commend our President, Muhammadu Buhari for the support he has been giving to our son Oshiomhole and the South South.

“The position of the National Chairman is zoned to the South South and no outsider will come and dictate for us who will be our chairman. With the dogged effort of Oshiomhole we are able to win Bayelsa State which has not happened before. That is why we believe that there is no body today that can do better than what Oshiomhole is doing and that is why we are urging outsiders to stay off and leave Oshiomhole alone.
“We cannot go back to the days where the party lost its winning mentality and it is controlled by a cabal of governors. Oshiomhole has brought party supremacy and discipline and that is the only way APC can survive” he declared.
Speaking at the meeting, Senator Omo-Agege who commended the National Chairman for the party’s victory in Bayelsa state, said it was not a “tea party to remove the candidate of a sitting governor”.

According to him, “ It was a difficult contest but we all came together to make history and we won Bayelsa state. I want to also speak on the recent moves by some persons to remove the National Chairman, let me state that the position of the National Chairman is a very key position zoned to the South South. It is our position and I have always maintained that it is we who will decide that we don’t want our chairman and not outsiders.

“Without prejudice to the decision taken at NEC setting up a National Reconciliation Committee to be headed by leaders nominated by the President, I want to make it clear that we have our national chairman and we must stand by him. We are pushing for reconciliation but his seat is not negotiable. It will be very very absurd for us to go to the South West and say we don’t want the Vice President or go to the North West and say we don’t want the President or go to the North East and say we don’t want the senate President. So we must dwell on those things that unites us rather than those things that divides us”.

On his party, apparent reacting to the crisis in some states including Edo, Oshiomhole noted that “ there is nothing really strange about a party having conflict. I am basically an association person and I don’t know any association that does not have issues. But it is usually worst when election has been lost and people start blame game. So I can tell you from our records in the office that we have problems in some of the states after the election. The lesson to learn is that we must make extra effort to ensure that wherever there is disagreement we work hard to resolve them.
“In resolving one disagreement it is not going to be a permanent solution because the environment is dynamic therefore ad you settle one issue another one resurrects but what is important is that we must have an attitude that is open to talking through the differences with a view to making peace. I want to assure you of one thing, once I assume any responsibility, by my own nature I put everything to it. I believe leadership is about the will to make decisions. I do not know any leader whose decision is always right. But it is better to make imperfect decision than to make no decision at all. We have done our best in the NWC, we try to manage the huge challenges of running a governing party in Nigeria and I thank God we have been able to go this far and by the grace of God we will go further”.

On the criticisms against his NWC, the National chairman stated that, “It is just that sometimes the human memory is short, around 2015, around this time, our party was unable to manage the huge advantage that the Electorate confided on us because we had majority in the National Assembly and yet we had problem managing this numbers. Such that we had a senate President who is APC and we had Deputy senate President who is PDP. Now if you play back that situation, still under the same party, the same President, this year, again haven been favored by the Nigerian electorate, we have been able to sit down, network, persuade, negotiate, work day and night and at the end we have the seamless election and anybody in the leadership of the party, we are able to have APC members as principal officers without a fight.

“There is good relationship today between the National Assembly and the Executive and Nigerians are enjoying it. That day they were foreign observers at the floor of the senate to monitor the conduct of the election of the senate President and that of the Deputy Senate President. I am sure now they must have reported back home that Nigeria is stronger now than it was in 2015 and our party more coherent than it was in 2015. I ask all of you not to wallow in self-pity when election is won and lost. It is okay to lament but even much more important is to learn the right lesson from what has happened so that going forward in future we know what to do. I pray that God will continue to guide us under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari for Nigeria to see the benefit of progressive governance over the period of time”.

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